Marital abuse drove Suzanne Haslam to a full-scale nervous breakdown.  She thought she would have to abandon the nursing job she loved and would never again be able to enjoy a normal social life.  Yet eventually, through sheer grit and determination – and encouragement from the spirit world – she managed to rebuild her life.

 Journey towards the light, just published by Memoirs Books, is Suzanne’s story.  The book tells of her years of oppression, manipulation and psychological torture at the hands of her domineering, control-freak husband. 

 When she turned to her family for help, they accused her of imagining her problems.  Finally, close to despair, she managed to pluck up the courage to walk away from the marital home with nothing but her beloved dog and a suitcase full of clothes.  In an attempt to heal her psychological scars, Suzanne sought sanctuary in a remote Spanish monastery, where she discovered an extraordinary talent for communicating with the spirit world.  A series of intense spiritual experiences ultimately gave her the strength to recover from her ordeal and find new happiness, security and professional success. 

 Today Suzanne is happily remarried with a young child, has been promoted and has even gained a BSc degree in public health.  She has written Journey towards the light to reassure other women enduring similar experiences that they are not alone – and that they can survive, prosper and triumph.

 Journey towards the light is published by Memoirs Books at 12.99 (paperback – electronic versions also available).  Part of the proceeds from sales of the book are being donated to the charities Women’s Aid and Scope The Women’s Aid national helpline is on 0808 2000 247.


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Journey towards the light

A woman's triumph over marital abuse by Suzanne Haslam